Aadhaar Update Request by Post

Any individual received aadhaar number and found some mistakes or error in Aadhaar details, then it is possible to make changes or updation of data using different procedures.

You can make the aadhaar updation online using Self Service Updation or through Post.

How to get Aadhar update through Post

  • For making the data updation in your Aadhaar card, first get the aadhaar card updation form.
  • You can easily get aadhaar update/correction form by visit: http://uidai.gov.in/images/application_form_11102012.pdf
  • Once, you download aadhaar update form you will be able to get correct information like Name, Address, Date of Birth, Gender, Mobile Number.
  • For making the updation/correction request using post fill the Aadhaar data update/correction form for request through post as required.
  • As per the requirements of the field need to be updated, simply attach self attest valid supporting documents and don’t forget to mention Aadhaar Number on each page attached.
  • Once, the details entered on the form carefully, send the form with required documents in a sealed envelope.
  • After verification and validation by Aadhaar Authority your details will be updated, if documents are found correct. After updation you will receive the Aadhaar update information.

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