Cancel Appointment for Aadhaar Enrolment

Earlier there was provision to cancel your Appointment for Aadhaar Enrolment. As before a person was able to book an appointment for Aadhaar card enrollment by visiting the site using the link –

But now this facility has been stopped by UIDAI. Now for any aadhar related task like, enrolling for aadhar or any updation you need to visit aadhar card Centres available in various parts of our country,

Before we were able to complete any adhar task by booking an appointment online but currently, the online service for booking, rescheduling and cancelling an appointment for Aadhaar Card is not available.

Previously, once you booked an appointment online you were provided with your Token ID, Centre Location details (With Address), Date and Time of Enrolment, No of Persons for whom appointment has been fixed, Contact person at the enrolment centre, Registrar Name & Enrolment Agency. And you were also notified by SMS service, but as this facility is no more available you have to visit your nearby Aadhar Kendra.

To locate your nearby Aadhar Enrolment Center, Click on this link: Aadhar Card Enrollment Center Search

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