How to Link your Aadhar Card with LPG Consumer ID Online

How to Link your Unique 12 digit Aadhaar number with your LPG Consumer ID

Now, you can link your Aadhaar Number with your LPG Consumer ID for getting direct LPG Subsidy Benefit. Find information on Hindustan petroleum gas subsidy, indane gas subsidy, bharat gas subsidy or gas subsidy linked with aadhaar card. Find how to link bharat gas with aadhar, indane gas with aadhar card, hp gas with aadhar card etc online.

To link your Aadhaar Card Number with your LPG Gas Consumer ID Online you have to follow some instructions and have to fill some information online.

•    Enter URL in web Browser:
•    When web page opens Click on Start Now.
•    Then Select your aadhaar address location like State & District.
•    Then enter your details like mainly Aadhaar No., Email ID & Mobile Number.
•    Then in Choose benefit Type Select LPG for linking LPG with Aadhaar Number, after that select Scheme Name like BPCL, IOCL, HPCL.
•    Then Select Distributor Name and in next section Enter Consumer Number
•    After completing the form, Click Submit.
•    Then you have to enter the One Time Password No. that will be sent to your mobile and the Security code displayed.
•    Click Submit.

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  • sanjit kumar das

    link aadhar card with lpg

  • Ramakrishna Rao, A V

    Very helpful in so far linking Aadhar card with LPG consumer connection. But the linkage procedure with the consumer’s bank has no clarity. I for one would like my LPG consumer book to record/ack my bank acct no to which the subsidies should get credited at appropriate times. (I have already given my Aadhar details seeded in my bank acct.)There is no way to know under the present procedure for the database holder/ his agent to ack the details given so the consumer feels secure that no mischief-like credits to wrong accts- is possible.

  • this link helps a lot the consumer if it works well, but unfortunate i tried now no error message i tried atleast 5 times but no use. this should not repeat.

  • Hi,

    It would be really helpful if the online linking of aadhar with lpg works properly. There is only 10 digit place for the aadhar number to be filled in where as it is mentioned please enter 12 digit number, and we all know that aadhar number is a 12 digit number. It would be good if the officials look into this matter.



  • Seeding of Aadhaar No was done(request placed) by me online with the Oil Marketing Company. But there is no clarity – how long it will take for confirmation to arrive that the procedure has been successfully completed.
    Helpline 18002333555 are clueless.

  • application not submitting

  • I have submitted the details by providing Aadhar No and Gas Consumer no.

    But, How can we link it to Bank Account. Because, My Aadhaar card is not having My Account No.

    Please help.

  • Hi,
    This link helps a lot for the consumer, if it works well

  • It does not work!! I repeatedly put my Aadhaar number and kept asking for 12 digit which I did but didn’t work. IT please find the solution quick. it was a very awful experience

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