How to Link Aadhaar with SBI Life Insurance

As per new instructions from Government of India instructions, it is mandatory for all Insurance Policy Holders to update their Aadhaar and PAN numbers with their Insurance Policies. Those who fail to link Aadhaar and PAN with their Insurance Policies will find their Insurance Policy Blocked unless you link your Aadhaar and PAN.

As of the now, the dead line to link aadhaar with Insurance policies is 31st March 2018. Also while buying new insurance policy, one has to provide Aadhaar Number.

There are two ways by which you can link your Aadhaar and PAN with your SBI Insurance policies that are online by logging in to the SBI Official website or by offline method by visiting the SBI Branch itself.

Just follow the following simple steps to link Aadhaar with existing LIC Insurance Policies Online and offline.

How to link Aadhaar Number and PAN with SBI Life Insurance Online:

  1. In order to link Aadhaar Number and PAN number with your SBI Life Insurance Policy, you should have your Aadhaar Number, PAN number and insurance Policy Numbers with you.
  2. Go to the SBI official website by using the link
  3. On the home page you will find the Linking of PAN and Aadhaar banner, click on the same.
  4. You will be directed to new webpage ‘Aadhaar/ PAN Update Portal’ with the link:
  5. Enter your Policy Number and Date of Birth. Click on Submit button.
  6. On next page, fill in correctly your Aadhaar and PAN numbers.
  7. After filling the details, click on verify button.
  8. One Time Password (OTP) will be on your Aadhaar registered mobile number.
  9. Enter the OTP and click on submit button.
  10. By following the steps above you can easily update your PAN and Aadhaar with SBI Life Insurance Policy.

How to Update Aadhaar Number with SBI Life Insurance Offline

  1. Keep your Aadhaar number, PAN number and Policy Details handy.
  2. Visit your nearest SBI Life Insurance Branch and ask for Aadhaar and PAN linking form from the branch.
  3. Fill the form with correct details and attach self attested photocopies of your Aadhaar and PAN number.
  4. Submit the correctly filled form along with documents to the branch.
  5. After successful verification by your bank, your Aadhaar and PAN will get updated with your Insurance Policy.

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