How to use the mAadhaar app?

If you have your aadhar linked with mobile number and you are using smartphone, then you will be able to access mAadhaar App. Currently, mAadhaar app is available only on Android phones and it is required to have your mobile number registered with Aadhaar number to use the App.

How to use the mAadhaar app to access E-Aadhaar on Smartphone?

  1. For using mAadhar app you will be asked to set a password.
  2. In the next screen enter your Aadhaar number or even you can scan the QR-code on the Aadhaar card instead of entering the number.
  3. After entering the Aadhar number the mAadhaar app will automatically send a SMS with OTP to the linked phone number. OTP sent will be valid for 30 minutes only.
  4. The OTP is fetched automatically in the interface so no need to type it automatically. So be sure that the phone you are using to download app is having the SIM card of the registered mobile number.
  5. After the verification of OTP, the app will open and you will see your profile with your name and Aadhaar number or to add profile in the menu of app there is “Add Profile” option where you can add your aadhar profile by entering the 12 digit Aadhar number as on your aadhaar card.
  6. Every time you need to enter the password set by you to view your details.

By this way you will be able to access E-Aadhaar in your Smartphones.

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